Dale A. Arnold

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

. Lean on God and allow Him to continue the process of healing your broken heart. I Remember the first time I meet Millie... I was with
Celeste and she " warned" me that Millie had a very strong opinions. I said about what "everything" was her reply... But I came to see that Millie unlike most of us never found a fence she liked  siting on. In this she has good company. Jesus was not a fence sitter either. But I feel the need to speak to those left behind......
My mother once told me something I never forgot ..She said when her mother my beloved Grandmother died she felt Totally Brokenhearted...
​Sitting here I know you all  feel that ...Very strongly! To this I can only say as  Psalm 147:3 says "He heals the brokenheated and binds up their wounds".....
​But my mother also told me a story about how one day her and her two sisters were fighting ..over what.... she couldn't remember. But what she does remember is
​ my grand mother came in and gave each one of them a stick and told them each to break there given sticks... which they did. She then pulled out 4 sticks that where tied together and told them now break this..each one tried... but they couldn't ..She look them each in the eye as she said this.
​If you stand alone you will break ...but together nothing will break you! ............................. I finish with this.. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says
A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart..... Stand together!