The emasculation of Jesus./ Emanuel "God with us".

Dale A. Arnold

The emasculation of  Jesus./ Emanuel "God with us".
Friday, December 04, 2015

When the did Jesus stop being a male? When did they castrate him? When one looks at most of the pictures of Jesus. He always seems

a little androgynous and wimpy Like he never worked a day in his life. This is all a part of the emasculation of Christ. It was not done for the most part deliberately. But in a way to set him "apart". Make him not like us. But isn't that the point of Emanuel " God with us"?

Jesus was all man. That means He had a Dick. And like all young men he would from time to time wake up with a boner. Yep I said a boner! He passed gas, He drank wine, He was not accused of being a glutton and a drunkard for no reason.  He hung out with uneducated fishermen for God's sake. Do you really think that they didn't talk with shall we say " colorful" language?  He befriended what most of the other disciples would have considered a traitor. The tax collector Levi. That takes balls, Man balls! To trust such a person that collected taxes for the oppressors of your people?  He would speak to women out in the open. That in his time was a big no no.  He called the religious leaders of his day hypocrites and compared them to white washed tombs with dead bones inside. So he was not afraid of confrontation. There is this  report of Jesus going to the temple one day and looking around he walked out . That night he very calmly makes a whip, his disciples no doubt wondering what the hell was he going to do with it. Well the next day he went back to the temple and in a rage he beat the money changers and men selling animals for sacrifice . Screaming at the top off his lungs at them " It is written." "'My house will be called a house of prayer,' but you are making it 'a den of robbers.'" Very strong words for a wimp huh? He also knew in doing this he was not only challenging the religious leaders of his day but also Rome her self!
He confronted many high reaching official of his day that could and did make life harder for himself and his followers. This would not end well for Jesus! He knew exactly what he was doing and what it was going to cost him. Cause now He had the attention of Rome and all the temple authorities . Putting a huge target on his back.
That's a man with some​ Cojones!  He would often break religious rules. Like going into the homes of gentiles. This to was a huge thing not done. He was not afraid to break with traditions .

This does not sound like some guy that always was in pristine white and who's hair was always in place or avoided getting the dust of humanity on him. For that is the meaning of Christmas. Emanuel "GOD WITH US". God dwelling amongst us in our dusty lives,

In our selfishness and our brokenness . He came to experience it with us. And call us to something better! 
Give me this Jesus. A man doing the often dirty and hard work of saving humanity!