The Jonah christian.

Dale A. Arnold

The Jonah christian.
Tuesday, September 06, 2016

There is this thing that really is very disturbing!  Quite a few of my Christian brothers and sisters have this way of thinking . I call it the Jonah effect. Jonah is an old testament prophet that was a true man of God in all things! Except that one time. You see there was this "sinful" city by the name of Nineveh. Brutal the City of Nineveh was " The king of Nineveh would usually bring the severed head of a recently conquered king home, raise it on a pole in the midst of his royal banquet commemorating his victory and finally put it over the gate of Nineveh where it slowly rotted away. The opposing generals would get even worse treatment. “The Elamite general, Dananu, was flayed alive, then bled like a lamb; his brother had his throat cut, and his body was divided into pieces which were distributed over the country as souvenirs. It never occurred to Ashurbanipal (the Assyrian king) that he and his men were brutal; these clean cut penalties were surgical!" David Andersen.  The people of Nineveh were not peace loving folks. They inspired fear in the hearts of all nations! And that includes Israel. Jonah was glad to here of God's pending judgement against this city...good riddance (to bad rubbish)..We would all say.

But and here is that wonderful and frustrating phrase" But God" had other plans for Nineveh. Despite all of Nineveh's grotesque behavior . God told Jonah to go to Nineveh and warn them of his pending judgment and call them to repentance. Wow you see
God had grace in mind! Awesome! Right? No Jonah was not trilled about God's plan to forgive Nineveh of it's sins. In fact he was so against it he jump on a boat and left town basically telling the Lord not with my mouth will you preach grace to these animals! It's not that Christians are refusing to go and preach but it is their response they give after preaching. If they are not received well if there is push back of any kind. There Is this thought that is always there. " YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE". WTF does that mean! Sometimes they actually vocalize it!  You see Jonah wanted the Nineveh to Burn in Hell ! I once saw a billboard sign that read " IF YOU THINK IT'S HOT NOW JUST WAIT... SIGN GOD".  I must say I did laugh. But after thinking about it for a while. I thought the sign was just in very bad taste. First off I no longer believe in Hell. (see post on The outer darkness )  Second even if one does believe in it, making light of it should not be funny. Should it?  The Jonah effect is being so angry or hurt over having your views laughed at or plain out rejected that you want them to pay for this in some way. As Jonah wanted for Nineveh. Thinking that they deserve it. For them having the audacity to reject and make light of your Faith. What better way than for them to spend an eternity in the fire of hell!  Seeing that you were right all along.  Yeah I know it's just fucked up! We as Christians have to repent of this thinking. For it is not Christ like!